Men's fashion is constantly changing, but some pieces of clothing remain a constant part of the classic wardrobe. For example, shirts are popular not only among fans of business style in clothes. Previously, shirts were perceived as a background, an addition to a suit, but today they are considered a key element of the image. The article tells about what to look for in order to choose a quality men's shirt.


The basis of any shirt is the fabric. The first step to success is selecting high-quality content.In this case, technical flaws in the production most likely will not be very conspicuous.But without the right preparation, determining a shirt's material is not a simple task. This warrants discussion on its own. A few formal characteristics should be mentioned first.

Selecting shirts made of natural fibres is essential.  First of all, it is cotton , linen , silk . Or mixtures of them. Secondly, if the manufacturer indicates the “ Two Ply ” marking on the shirt, this indicates that 2 threads were twisted into one after spinning. This fabric is highly durable and is rarely used in the manufacture of low-quality shirts.However, judging the fabric's quality by touch or other obvious clues is frequently challenging. Therefore, to determine a quality men's shirt, we recommend using more understandable and noticeable signs. They will be discussed below.


When buying a Printed shirt, you need to pay attention to how the pattern is combined at the seams . On expensive models, the print is not broken by a line. The following areas should be perfectly aligned:

shoulder and sleeve;


cuffs and sleeve placket;

front placket and chest part of the shirt.

The perfect combination of the pattern on the side seams is the main difference between masterful tailoring.

Most manufacturers automate all processes as much as possible. Therefore, a cheap shirt can look like it is made from different pieces of fabric.

Responsible manufacturers try to manually select and join the elements of the pattern so that the shirt looks perfect.


Before making the final choice, you need to pay attention to the seams. If a men's shirt is made of dense material, then strong threads and a high stitch density should be used for sewing . For standard shirting fabrics, premium shirt manufacturers use a stitch density of 5-8 in 1 cm of the side seam and 8-11 stitches / cm for sewing the cuff and collar . A shirt made of thin, loose fabric can be sewn with larger stitches so as not to destroy the structure of the fabric, but this is rather an exception.

Also, most classic shirts have an indent between the edge of the material and the seam of 0.8 cm. A larger indent indicates a low professionalism of the seamstress.

When choosing Mens's shirt, make sure that the thickness of the seam on the collar, cuffs and plackets is the same. Otherwise, the men's shirt will not look neat.

Premium designer shirts feature decorative stitching along the seam edges. This technique does not increase the wear resistance of the fabric, but improves the appearance of the shirt.


To complete a complete wardrobe, a man needs to choose several models of shirts. It is important not to ignore the collar. Depending on the type of fastening of the lining, the collar can be glued or stitched .

The collar is made of two fabric blanks and an intermediate dense lining. A feature of the manufacture of a glued gate is the heating of the blanks, in which the parts are firmly glued together and become rigid. This is a cheaper technological process and does not add elegance to the image. But ironing such a collar is much easier.

The padding inside the stitched collar is easily separated from the shirt fabric. So you can understand which option is in front of you. This method requires more tailor skill. The collar turns out to be more plastic, better adapts to you.

Those who want to save money should choose a shirt with a maple collar. Pay attention to the fact that the lining does not “ride”, and the fabric itself does not bubble. The highest quality models must be additionally stitched.

As with everything, there are exceptions here - formal bow-tie shirts or stand-up collars - will always be made from rigid constructions. Regardless of the price of the product.

A really high quality shirt with a perfectly symmetrical collar . Both corners should be at the same distance from the center. The easiest way to notice a defect is on a horizontal striped shirt: the two extreme points of the collar should be on the same line. But to check a plain white shirt, you can use a regular ruler. A clearly asymmetrical collar may be a feature of the designer model.

Also pay attention to the fact that collars must be carefully looked after. If you do not choose the right temperature regime, then you can accidentally ruin the lining during ironing. Stitched collars also require special attention: the piece of clothing must be ironed from the tips to the center, otherwise small sloppy folds will appear.


In this article, we have shown you some of the features that will help you choose a quality men's shirt. In the next article, we will look at the rest of the points.

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